Notification/Complaint Submittal Form

Thank you for contacting Consumers Energy regarding an issue, comment, question or concern involving the operation or maintenance of the Consumers Energy Lake Winds® Energy Park wind farm. The Notification/Complaint Form has been developed in accordance with the Mason County Zoning Ordinance for submittal of issues, comments, questions or concerns. Please complete the requested information in as much detail as possible.

Following receipt of the form by Consumers Energy, you will receive an acknowledgement within five (5) business days that includes information on how your issue will be addressed. For more information, please see our web site at or call 1-855-352-5394.

To find out more about the Special Land Use requirements or the Mason County Zoning Ordinance regulating utility scale wind turbines, go to under the zoning department web page link to Lake Winds® Energy Park.

PLEASE NOTE: Consumers Energy and/or its authorized agent may need access to your property or residence to fully investigate the complaint. Failure to allow access within a timely manner or at all may affect the resolution of the complaint.

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Date of Notification:
Street Address: City:
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Location where event/occurrence happened (if different from above):
Street Address: City:
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Description of event or occurrence:
Date of occurrence: Time of occurrence:
Duration of occurrence: Turbine # (if known):
If known, briefly describe how you believe the event or occurrence violates the Mason County Zoning Ordinance and/or the Special Land Use Permit, such as shadow flicker, noise, etc.
If available, any materials you have to support this complaint would be helpful.
I attest that I am the owner or other resident of the property and hereby grant Consumers Energy and/or its agents or contractors permission to enter upon above described property for purpose of investigating the event or occurrence described above, after prior notification to me.
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NOTE: To print a copy for your records, please print the form before submitting.